Reddit is crap because it is a giant circle jerk
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People also think Reddit is crap because it:
has a hive-mind of so called "progressives" who don't know the stats, and make strawman hypothetical arguements. [crap good]
is often filled with an air of unearned smugness [crap good]
is full of meta whoring juvenile shit [crap good]
is so full of itself [crap good]
upvotes stories mindlessly [crap good]
is full of karma whores [crap good]
circlejerk [crap good]
is composed of liberal cry babies who think that a downvote is something to fear! [crap good]
is full of jerks. [crap good]
is filled with pompous liberal atheist circle jerking buttheads. [crap good]
is full of programmers that are not programmers [crap good]
is full of underage pseudo intellectual faggots [crap good]
mainly consists of imgur links [crap good]
is totally unwelcoming to new people and different opinions [crap good]
is filled with liberal ass canons of douchebagness [crap good]
Overvalues mediocrity and makes people stupid, like me [crap good]
is an echo chamber in complete denial [crap good]
is full of unimformed, smug, socialists [crap good]
consists of a community filled with liberal, atheist jerks who can't take an argument from the opposing side without wining. [crap good]
will obsess over this until this poor guy's server crashes [crap good]
is full of unfulfilled people with juvenile opinions circlejerking and pretending their karma means something [crap good]
is filled with and faggots. [crap good]
is full of gay, atheist and liberal retards. [crap good]
never changes [crap good]
is boring [crap good]
is hosted from a gateway in a basement. [crap good]
is full of moderator trolls that state you must post proof, but you cant post personal info. mods are jerks [crap good]
bumps the Facebook tier joke comments to the top while the actual discussion lies right at the bottom with downvotes [crap good]
never lets me say what i want without a dickhead moderator closing it down! [crap good]
is full of sweaty nerds that have to make up for their insecurties online by being an asshole to others [crap good]
is full of whiny liberal assholes with insane double standards [crap good]
HAHA bacon i'm so fucking funny i luv lous see k and vote for mcronpaul whatever i should go fuck my self [crap good]
has the shittiest people [crap good]
is reddit [crap good]
doesn't show comments when topic title is clicked [crap good]
full of uncool coolness that breaks so many rules [crap good]
is full of people who think that they aren't loses [crap good]
is over moderated to the point where nobody can post or discuss anything unless they are an approved shill like gallowboob. [crap good]
Encourages normies to misuse memes [crap good]
has the same community as 4chan basically [crap good]
showed me this crap website [crap good]
I just want to see who would put that here. [crap good]
had sex with a narwhal while watching the jetsons and snorting bacon bits [crap good]
ti esuaceb prac tiddeR taht kniht I [crap good]
ಠ_ಠ [crap good]
sucks like your mom [crap good]
is lacking in bacon [crap good]
takes up too much of my time. [crap good]
i can't get some more karma [crap good]
is opposite day! [crap good]
is sucks ass compared to digg [crap good]
. . . not really, I just wanted to point out that someone misspelled [crap good]
dont even [crap good]
doesn't. Just kidding. [crap good]
... just kidding reddit isn't crap [crap good]
... Just kidding. Reddit is awesome! [crap good]
LOL is not not crap! J/K [crap good]
is awesome [crap good]
IS FUCKING AWESOME!!! [crap good]